SkinTrends was started by Dr. H. Joy G. Mongcal more than a decade ago as HCG Face & Body Clinic in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna when skin care was still not as popular as it is today.

The center became a haven for people looking for a clinic that gives them excellent service at a very reasonable cost. HCG Face and Body Clinic attracted clients from all walks of life while Dr. Mongcal continued to introduce new technologies and additional services & products.

Eventually word spread farther and clients would come from as far as Alabang and Paranaque area. Dr. Mongcal started to get recommendations to open a skin care center closer to Manila.

Since Dr. Mongcal believes in personally taking care of each client, expansion is only feasible under a system where she can duplicate the success of the first clinic.

10 years after perfecting the system and building a well-trained team, Dr. Mongcal finally decided to expand the clinic into a center hence Skintrends was born in December 2006. Its first foray into malls started in Festival Supermall in Alabang in January 2007. The center became a hit attracting a big chunk of the market within the first few weeks of operations. Clients of well known competitors tried Skintrends out of curiosity. After trying out Skintrends, they became loyal to the brand. Based on information sheets given out to clients, 80% of first time clients are referrals of existing clients which makes our satisfied clients our number one source of advertisement. In less than 4 years after its first Mall branch was opened, Skintrends serves its clients through 8 branches in Laguna & Metro Manila: Sta. Rosa Commercial Complex in Sta. Rosa, PCC Building across Paseo de Sta. Rosa Mall in Sta. Rosa, Wellcare Clinics and Lab in Waltermart in Sta. Rosa, Festival Supermall in Alabang, Ali Mall Phase 2 in Araneta Center, Quezon City, 2nd Level of Cyber & Fashion Mall, Eastwood, Quezon City, Pacific Century Tower in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City and SM Fairview in Quezon City (with a surgical center).

Skintrends has been in existence for more than 20 years and has rebranded as the Acne Authority because it is the pimple treatment in particular that patients rave about. Skintrends offers a complete line of skin care services but it aims to be known as the go-to-skincare center for acne patients.

The thrust of the company is to help people become aware that early intervention is the key to preventing acne scars. Only SkinTrends can claim that its acne treatment is the most tolerable in the terms of pain, prevents dark spots and trauma to the skin.

While the clients will surely be amazed by the excellent facilities & top of the line equipment and machines and the caring and courteous service of attendants, it is the excellent results of the treatments at a very affordable price that will keep them coming back. This is possible because unlike in many other centers the attendants were personally trained by Dr. Mongcal, hence they are using techniques & procedures that only trained Dermatologists would normally use. It is part of training that before attendants are allowed to treat clients, each one is required to "sample" all procedures on Dr. Mongcal herself. Only when she is satisfied with the trainee's performance will the trainee be allowed to do procedures on clients.


Dr. Herbia Joy Gonzales-Mongcal graduated from the University of San Carlos, Cebu City with a degree in BS Biology and went on to medical school at the Cebu Institute of Medicine and graduated in 1984. She had her post-graduate internship at Iloilo Doctors' Hospital in 1985 and passed the medical licensure exam in 1986.

She underwent residency training for Internal Medicine at the Perpetual Succour Hospital in Cebu City from 1986 to 1988. She then went into preceptorship training in Dermatology at the Dermatology Institute Foundation of the Philippines from 1990-1992. She further specialized in Cosmetic Surgery training under Dr. Corazon Collantes-Jose from 2004-2006. She also underwent a one-on-one training in Autologous Fat Stem Cell Therapy under Ali Modaressi, currently the Chief of Clinic of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Department University Hospital Geneva, Switzerland.Her latest training was at the International Master Course on Aging Skin.

Dr. Herbia Joy Gonzales-Mongcal continues to update her dermatologic and cosmetic surgery training with the latest techniques in the field of aesthetic medicine by regularly attending conventions, workshops and Masterclasses locally and abroad. She has been a practicing dermatologist since 1992 and in 2006, she renamed her clinics Skintrends, now operating 8 branches around and outside Metro Manila, of which she is currently the Medical Director.Dr. Mongcal has been treating at least ten acne patients a day since 1990 which translates into more than 50,000 cases in a span of more than 20 years.She has passed on her expertise to her therapists by personally training them. In 2013, Skintrends has rebranded as the Acne Authority, because it is what it does best.


  •     Member, Philippine Medical Association

  •     Member, Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgery

  •     Member, International Society of Dermatologic Surgery

  •     Member, International Society of Cosmetic Dermatology

  •     Member, Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery

  •     Diplomate, Philippine Academy of Medical Specialists

  •     Fellow, Philippine Academy of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology

  •     Member, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

  •     Member, Asia-Pacific Academy For Cosmetic Surgery