Skin problems and concerns? We're here to help. Our skilled dermatologists and attendants will help you select the appropriate treatment for you.

We will make you acne free, or we will treat you for FREE. That is how serious we are when dealing with acne, the number one skin problem of the population. First, we have to define what acne is. Acne is a medical term for blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. So if you have blackheads or whiteheads, does it mean you have acne? Yes you have! You might ask, isn't acne so common and doesn't it just disappear with age? Why treat it? You are right to some degree; for a lot of people, acne is just a phase, and it can go away without treatment. But the reason why acne should be treated at the outset is to prevent acne scars which are disfiguring and permanent. The psychological impact of acne warrants early intervention.

1. Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a procedure used to treat reticular (green-colored) veins, and smaller varicose veins. A medicine (sclerosants) is injected into the vessels, which makes them shrink.

2. Dermaroller

The Dermaroller is a cylindrical shaped drum studded with very fine needles. It is a medical device used to break down old scar tissue & to stimulate skin cells to proliferate. This cell multiplication results in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibres as well as new capillaries for an improved blood supply. it acts constructively and the skin remains intact. The skin does not get damaged and therefore will not go into a wound healing response. The Dermaroller significantly improves atrophic scars & improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles. It also has a positive effect on hyper-pigmentation as well as on hypo-pigmentation.

3. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular, nonsurgical options for solving aging skin problems.

Also known as "injectables" or "soft-tissue fillers," do just what their name suggests -- they fill in the area under the skin. Some fillers are natural and some are synthetic, but they all work to improve the appearance of aging skin in the following ways: filling in wrinkles, fine lines and deep creases, improving other imperfections like scars, filling out thin or wrinkled lips, plumping up cheeks, contouring the jaw line and other areas of the face.

Afterwards, you can usually return to your regular routine right away, but your doctor may recommend that you stay out of the sun and avoid strenuous activities for at least a day.

4. Botox / Mesobotox

Botox works to relax the contraction of muscles by blocking nerve impulses. The result is muscles that can no longer contract, and so the wrinkles relax and soften. It usually takes two to four days to see cosmetic improvement and the effects tend to last from four to six months. The success of Botox treatment depends mainly on the skill of the injector. Dr. Herbia Joy Mongcal has had experience in injecting Botox for more than ten years. Botox procedures do not require anesthesia and usually take just a few minutes to perform. The protein is injected into the muscle using a fine needle in order to minimize discomfort and maximize accuracy.

Mesobotox is a more superficial Botox injection made just under the skin, used for jaw contouring and face-lifting.

5. Mesowhite

Mesowhite is a superficial injection of whitening agents just below the skin.

6. Non-surgical V Lift

This procedure lifts and rejuvenates the desirable "V" shape of your face from your chin up through your temples. It is a non-surgical face lift that continuously stimulates collagen synthesis resulting in a lifting effect, jaw contouring, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and improvement of skin tone.

7. Autologous Fat Grafting

Fat contains the highest number of stemcells. Fat collected from other parts of the body, particularly from the abdomen, are transferred to the face to create soft tissue contouring. Autologous fat transfer for facial soft tissue contouring is simple and safe, giving a soft, natural appearance.

8. Placenta Injection

Clinically Proven Effects:
  • Restores the youthful quality of your skin
  • Revitalizes the body
  • Enhances natural healing of the body

9. Electrocautery

This procedure is the removal through electrodesiccation of benign growths in the body such as warts, syringoma, sebaceous gland hyperplasia, and hypertrophic scars.

10. Injectable Glutathione

It is naturally produced by the body. It is needed by the body to function well and fight off toxins and free radicals. As we age, the body supply becomes depleted, making us old, wrinkly and vulnerable to diseases. Since glutathione is considered as the master antioxidant, we should replenish our body supply by having a once-a-week injection. Its main effects are anti-aging and anti-cancer, and its side effect is skin lightening, which most patients consider a bonus.

11. L-Carnitine

Is a naturally occurring substance in the body. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes. L-carnitine supplements are used to increase metabolism and boost energy. The good effect of increased metabolism is weight loss. It is done once a week.

12. Platelet-rich Plasma

This procedure uses the patient's own blood to make her look young, erase wrinkles, and to plump up depressed acne scars. There are no side effects since the source of the material is your own body. It dramatically enhances your appearance with little downtime (2 days) and without people noticing you've had a cosmetic procedure done on your face. It also improves the appearance of stretch marks.

13. Collagen Injection

Collagen is an important protein in your body that strengthens your skin. Intravenous injection of collagen once a week would do wonders to sagging skin.

14. Permanent Removal of Excessive Underarm Sweating

Is a minor operation involving the removal of glands that cause excessive sweating underneath the skin. It can be done as an outpatient procedure and you can go back to your daily routine the day after. Just do not exert too much effort using your arms. 80% of the sweat glands can be destroyed in just one procedure, thus giving you the relief from the embarrassment of excessive sweating.

15. Chemical Peel

Is a body treatment technique used to improve and smoothen the texture of the skin using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to slough off and eventually peel off. The regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

16. Ultrasound Treatment System Applying HIFU

Transducer's micro-focused ultrasound energy in the SMAS layer creates neocollagenesis. Tightens and lifts skin tissue without disrupting the skin's surface. Benefits Immediate Results Non-invasive treatment No downtime Proven ultrasound technology Natural, gradual results Lunchtime procedure, results in 30 minutes.

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