Skintrends: 5 Things About Fighting Acne

Sometimes it really pays to be in this line of work (blogging) since we get to meet top professionals in their field. A few weeks ago, we got the chance to hobnob with Dr. Joy Gonzales-Mongcal, founder of the SkinTrends clinic which is getting renown in town as ‘The Acne Authority.’ Its six branches in Metro Manila and three in Laguna offer a comprehensive lineup of skin treatment services at affordable prices for everyone.

Anyway, I really wanted to talk to a dermatologist since my eldest, a teenager, gets worrisome fits about acne. Dr. Mongcal enlightened me on the factors that cause it and what needs to be done. Here are some helpful facts to know:

1. Poor sleeping habits and hormonal changes are some of the aggravating factors for acne. But most of the time, it is also about genetics, pure and simple. Those blessed with good skin will not really develop acne even if they have unhygienic habits, while those with acne-prone skin have to work double time as keeping clean alone will not lessen their condition.

2. It is a common myth that we should allow pimples to ‘ripen’ before bursting them. Dr. Mongcal said this is wrong since doing so could damage the collagen of the skin and may even lead to scarring.

“The ideal time to remove visible acne is when it is in the blackhead or whitehead stage. Apart from preventing an unsightly pimple, this also prevents long term acne scars. However, the removal of whiteheads, and blackheads can only be done properly by trained professionals with the proper equipment,” Dr. Mongcal said.

3. Pimples should not be allowed to become swollen because when it dries up, deep acne scars could further develop. Says Dr. Mongcal: “In more developed countries, they don’t really resort to pricking since it’s expensive. But we’re in the Philippines and reasonably-priced treatment by highly-skilled professionals is available here so we should take advantage of this by going for regular consultations.”

4. Bursting ‘ripe’ pimples at home is a no-no. ” Ideally acne should be treated before it reaches the pimple stage, but if it does get to the pimple stage, removing it still requires a professional working in a sterile environment in order to minimize long term damage,” the doctor added.

5. There is no such thing as hopeless when it comes to acne treatment. Unfortunately in most clinics, treatment can be painful, and after a typical acne pricking session, patients are often traumatized, prompting them to give up on treatment prematurely or resort to self-medication.

Dr. Mongcal is proud of the fact that at SkinTrends, acne treatments are far less painful, and leave barely any visible trauma on the skin. “Our staff are highly-trained and our guarantee is that if patients are not acne free after the recommended number of sessions, the succeeding sessions are free.”

Anyway, I checked the Before and After photos of patients posted on SkinTrends Facebook page and it looks impressive indeed.

SkinTrends The Acne Authority has branches in Sta. Rosa Laguna, Eastwood City, SM City Fairview, Ali Mall, 168 Mall, Festival Mall and Pacific Century Rower, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.