SkinTrends: Managing Acne

Weather is unpredictable and we often get busy everyday. We can't even notice that pimples are slowly growing on our skin. There's a lot of myths and we will talk about it.

Pimples can lead to acne. If it can't be managed properly then it can cause a severe skin damage.

Managing acne can be done in simple ways. By keeping your face clean, away from dirt and avoid eating oily foods. On January 21 we learned the expert health advice from Dr. Herbia Joy Gonzales-Mongcal, founder of SkinTrends as she talks about the right way of treating acne.

SkinTrends is a clinic that offers safe and effective acne treatment. I saw their brochure and prices are really budget friendly.

No matter how severe your acne, it can be controlled. There is a widespread myth that there are people who have acne that is too severe or too persistent to treat, even in this day and age. The truth of the matter is that the technology to beat acne has been around for some time, but because acne is a slow reacting disease and pimple treatments are labor intensive, for many it has not been practical to get severe acne addressed, That is until now.

Of the many skin care clinics and beauty salons in the country, none treats acne with as much commitment, dedication and expertise as SkinTrends.

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How Popular Myths Only Make Acne Worse

Myth 1: Acne is a cosmetic, superficial problem, and a rite of passage, it is not a major health concern.

This myth is most damaging of all, the website summarizes the real gravity of the Acne problem like this: “There is no single disease which causes more psychic trauma, more maladjustment between parents and children, more general insecurity and feelings of inferiority and greater sums of psychic suffering than does acne vulgaris.” A series of studies compiled by conclusively and resoundingly links acne to clinical depression, anxiety, low self esteem, inability to make friends, and even suicidal ideation. Those who suffer from acne are far more likely to experience these serious psychological and psycho-social conditions than those who do not. Moreover, as acne increases in severity, so too does the likelihood of negative psychological effects.

Myth 2: Acne is caused by dirt

Truth: While dirt can aggravate acne prone skin, it is never the direct cause of acne. Acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands, which in turn can be caused by genetics, poor sleeping habits, or hormonal changes. If you have acne prone skin, keeping clean alone will not significantly lessen acne, on the other hand, if you are genetically blessed with good skin, no matter how unhygienic you are, you will not develop acne.

Myth 3: Allow pimples to “ripen” before bursting them

Truth: A pimple isn’t a fruit to be picked, and a large swollen pimple isn’t “ripe” it’s pustular (infected). By the time a pimple becomes pustular, it has almost always already damaged the collagen of the skin. This will mean long lasting, deep acne scars that will contribute to prematurely aging skin and be difficult and expensive to treat in the future. The ideal time to remove visible acne is when it is in the blackhead or whitehead stage, apart from preventing an unsightly pimple, this also prevents long term acne scars. The removal of whiteheads, and blackheads can only be done properly by trained professionals with the proper equipment.

Myth 4: Pimples should be left alone to dry up

Truth: This is a myth you will hear even from sources in developed countries, the truth is though, even this is untrue. Pimples allowed to become swollen and eventually to just subside most often cause deep acne scars. The only reason pricking is not a common practice in developed countries is labor costs. Acne pricking is labor and training intensive, which is why it is only in third world countries such as the Philippines where pricking can be done by a highly skilled professional, earning a decent wage, but for a reasonable price.

Myth 5: Ripe pimples can be burst at home

This myth arises from the fact that without professional skill or the proper equipment, the only time it is possible to burst a pimple at home is when it is swollen and infected. Ideally acne should be treated before it reaches the pimple stage, but if it does get to the pimple stage, removing it still requires a professional working in a sterile environment in order to minimize long term damage.

Myth 6: Acne refers only to severe pimples

Acne is the umbrella term of papules, pustules, blackheads and whiteheads. A pimple, even a small one is acne in its most advanced stage. Acne is a disease, like any disease prevention is preferred to cure, but when acne starts to appear, the earlier the intervention, the better. Acne should be treated in the whitehead and blackhead stage, if any pimples do appear, they need to be addressed within two days to prevent long term acne scars.

Myth 7: There are those who are simply hopeless cases, ;those for whom no amount of treatment or medications available today can get their acne under control.