Introducing SkinTrends’ new and improved line of dermatologically approved products: fresh look, enhanced benefits, same tried-and-true effectiveness.

Sunnari-Kirei Slimming Coffee

It's a sugar-free slimming coffe mix. The hazel nut flavor is irresistable.

Health Benefits:

Natural weight loss, Anti-aginng, Anti-cancer, Fat burner, Anti-oxidant, Body energizer, Anti-bacterial

Sunnari-Kirei Juice

Pure Glutathione and Collagen plus Anti-Aging and Anti-Cancer Formulations.

A unique whitening and anti-aging creation containing the finest ingredients from Japan.

C-MD Sodium Ascorbate

Non-acidic vitamin C. Needed for faster healing of acne, take one capsule daily on a maintenance basis, for acne scars, faster whitening of skin and slow down aging.

Cavita Lyse

A supplement that curbs appetite hence it leads to weight loss.

4 Life Transfer Factor

tri-factore formula, cow colustrum & egg yolk, food supplement and immune system booster.